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Research Management and Analytics System ("RMAS™")

Product Attributes

  1. Web-based analytics can be securely accessed anywhere via either SavaNet’s portal, EIKON add-in, or client system integration.
  2. Clients can upload and store their own internal models which can then be compared and tracked across times against consensus and individual broker models.
  3. Complete working analyst models can be downloaded to Excel for over 7,000 companies globally.
  4. Much more detailed full financial statement forecast data allows for the most advanced equity valuation and analytics available on any platform.
  5. Complete Consensus Models™ and client model history for the last 14 years is available and all analytical are performed on a rigorous historical point-in-time basis.

Spend more time analyzing. SavaNet's valuation capabilities include: complete consensus equity models, 16 advanced historical point-in-time valuation series, and the most accurate macro-factor based equity valuation system available.

SavaNet’s taxonomies can losslessly capture company reports from virtually any source (such as analyst research reports, 10-K’s, fundamental data providers) without summarized data aggregation.

SavaNet goes beyond “white labeled” applications to develop and advise upon proprietary client-specific analytics.