SAVANET WEBINAR: Modernizing Equity Research, January 27th at 11:00 am EST

Join us for the next webinar in the SavaNet Thought Leadership Series on January 27th titled Modernizing Equity Research. Eric Linder, CEO of SavaNet, will be joined by John Rizzuto, Managing Director, Equity Research for a discussion on the challenges and opportunities in scaling investment research.

Participants will learn:

  • How top firms are automating and scaling their equity research with financial modeling analytics and factors
  • The importance of point in time data for financial and consensus models
  • Benefits and application of cash flow based valuation analytics


SAVANET WEBINAR: Combining Fundamental & Alternative Data To Forecast Stock Performance

Watch the entire webinar recently conducted with Eric Linder, CEO of SavaNet along with Neil Schwartz, President of TGP Insights. Together these thought leaders looked at the retail sector, and showed what the combination of fundamental and alternative data says about retail stock performance using actual data reflecting the current holiday season. Topics covered:

  • How to analyze both “nowcasted” & “futurecasted” signals
  • Ways to compare & contrast alternative data with various valuation methods
  • What present data says regarding leading retail stocks during the current holiday season

SAVANET WEBINAR: The Equity Event Horizon with James Leitner

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Understanding what is happening in the markets and the economy is important now, more than ever.

Special guest James Leitner, President of Falcon Management Corporation since 1991, joins Eric Linder, Savanet CEO in a conversation about the current market environment in which traditional equity valuation metrics such as PE, equity risk premium, etc. break down.

Jim has been referred to as the "Greatest Macro Trader you have never heard of". Jim is known for inventing the FX carry trade, mastering Options, quantitatively scanning Equities, and not being shy about jumping into any market or asset class he finds promising.

Macro-Equity “Event Horizon”

Equity Prices, Multiples and Volatility vs Yield