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Research Management and Analytics System.


Hyper detailed equity valuation and analytics.

Consensus Models™

Full financial statement forecasts for 9,000 global companies updated daily

Equity Factor Data

Smart Models provide more detail, targeted and forward looking factors than available from any other source.


Quantitative macro factor analysis and strategy building application.

Custom Software

Develop your financial platform.

Quantamental = Quantitative + Fundamental
SavaNet bridges the gap, move to a quantamental model.

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Why SavaNet?

Full Consensus Models™. SavaNet has complete Consensus Models™ which can be compared, edited and download to Excel.

Complete Model Management System with standardized, universal taxonomy structure. SavaNet can be used to normalize and compare data from multiple research and data providers and internal analysts.

Detailed fundamental information for quantitative analytics. SavaNet provides full financial statements, which contain ~10x more line items than existing estimates sets.

Greatly reduce internal research & technology expenditures. SavaNet's off-the-shelf models can serve as a starting point for internal analysts, greatly reducing modeling time

Proprietary macro and equity factor data. SavaNet's 12 years of alpha generating data will enhance your firm's quant capabilities.

Our Clients

  • SavaNet products have helped us build a range of differentiated insights within the realm of hybrid quant-fundamental investing.

    David Gibson, Assiduous Investments
  • SavaNet seamlessly integrated our internal and external models with aggregator fundamental and market data.

    James Leitner, Principal, Falcon Management